Our great friends from WRWTFWW Records / We Release Jazz present the official reissue of the original soundtrack of Jean-Pierre Melville’s 1970 film noir classic Le Cercle Rouge, composed by Eric Demarsan. Available on limited edition 180g vinyl LP mastered at half speed.
Available for pre order at www.wrwtfww.com

Tracklisting and sound selection by Adorable, including 4 bonus tracks not available on previous pressings of the album.

The album tracklist does not follow the timeline of the movie, nor of the recording sessions, nor any other "logical" order. 
Instead, we wanted to imagine links between the compositions, and create a sequence that is both aesthetically and musically pleasant.
A bit like sequencing an album while trying to erase any link with the picture it was built upon. 
Here, Le Cercle Rouge is not a soundtrack: it's an album. ⭕️

Le Cercle Rouge boasts the participation of celebrated jazz players Guy Pedersen (bass), Daniel Humair (drums), Georges Arvanitas (piano), and Bernard Lubat (vibraphone).
Starting as a collaborator of François de Roubaix and Michel Magne in the 60s, Eric Demarsan went on to become a mainstay of French cinema soundtracks, composing for directors such as Jean-Pierre Mocky, Costa-Gavras, and Patrice Leconte among others. He also recorded the cult album Pop Symphony (for Pierre Cardin in 1970) under the Jason Havelock pseudonym.